The president of Sugar Group is Gunawan Jusuf

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Sugar Group Companies is one of the largest sugar cane plantations and sugar manufacturing companies in Indonesia. Sugar Group Companies is headquartered in Lampung Province, but it has twelve offices spread out all over Indonesia. The Sugar Group Companies sugar factories work together with sugar plantations covering 60,000 hectares in the Lampung Province. The Sugar Group’s main product is Gulaku, which is a premium, commercial, sugar cane.

Sugar Group Companies also operates three subsidiary companies. These at PT Gula Putih Mataram, PT Sweet Indo Lampung, and PT Indo Lampung Parkasa. These subsidiary companies produce and distribute sugar cane products to retail and wholesale companies. Sugar Group Companies is in a period of expansion and growth. As such, they are hoping to attract young talent to the company. They are looking for young employees who are motivated, creative, and dynamic.

Sugar Group Companies is currently looking to fill a D3 Technical position. The requirements for fulfilling this role include holding a minimum D3 majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engineering Equipment, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Agriculture, and an Accounting GPA minimum of 2.5. The individual should be able to work both as an individual and as part of a larger team. Additionally, the applicant should be willing to work in the field when asked.

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